How it works

If you are a registered car dealer looking for well-maintained vehicles to sell, Athlon is the right place for you. Many vehicles are returned from their lease each week. These vehicles are sold via this auction site. Interested? You can submit a bid once you have completed the following steps:

  1. Go to Register on this site.
  2. Fully complete the form.
  3. We will verify your information.
  4. If everything is OK, you will receive an e-mail with your login information.
  5. You can then start bidding.

The Auction System

Our auction system is a closed bidding system linked to a fixed period. We do not use minimum prices. For a complete overview of our conditions, click here.


To give you the best possible overview of the vehicles, each vehicle includes information concerning its maintenance history, accident history and equipment. This way you know exactly what you are bidding on.

International bidding

Athlon offers you ex-lease vehicles from throughout Europe. You can bid on cars from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, Spain and Sweden. If you would like to bid on cars from these countries now, go directly to the desired country site via contact.

After the deal

If your bid is successful, you will receive confirmation of the cars assigned to you within 24 hours. As soon as we have received payment, you can pick up the cars. Cars destined for abroad come with a valid German vehicle registration.


What rules we apply? Avoid surprises later. Read our terms and conditions.