• Why Athloncarplaza.com?

    Athloncarplaza.com is a website of Athlon International, a leading European car lease company with more than a 100 years of experience. By registering your company on athloncarplaza.com you can profit from our wide offer of ex-lease vehicles out of our fleet. Our auction services are exclusively available for professional car traders. The platform can be used by your business manager or agents who are authorized to legally commit to transactions in accordance with the applicable legislation. We withhold the right to refuse registrations without the required company details and VAT certificates.

    How do I register?

    Registering is necessary in order to place bids on our vehicles. After having completed the required data and we have verified your company you will receive an e-mail with instructions for obtaining full access to our site. Upon registration, the requester must attach a copy of the passport of the legal representative(s) and  a certificate or abstract of Chamber of Commerce.

    I am registered but I cannot access, what should I do?

    If you lost your login details you may either use the “forgot password” functionality or contact us via Contact in the main menu. We will help you immediately to get back in business!

    I want to change my password, how should I do that?

    If you want to change your password, you can use the change password feature  in the “My Account” section once. This will only work when you are already logged in.

    How does the auction work, what are the procedures?

    Athlon periodically publishes sets of vehicles that stay published for a specific , clearly shown period. All registered users are aware that every time they take part in an auction by placing a bid, their participation constitutes a legally binding proposal for a transaction. By bidding on a vehicle, the user recognizes that he/she is bound by these conditions. Once the auction is closed, the user cannot go back on his/her bid. Once he/she has placed a bid, he/she is legally bound by it. It is Athlon who decides whether the bid from a car trader is accepted.  Every bid is valid for one week after closing of the auction. Athlon reserves the right to block the user as a registered buyer and may claim compensations for any costs and damage incurred from this user.

    What happens when the auction ends?

    You can find all your placed bids en purchased vehicles under the “my Account” section. Under normal circumstances, within 24 hours after the end of the auction you will be informed via e-mail about the cars that were allocated to you. Be aware that your bid is valid for one week and that allocation may occur during this period of one week.

    How do I find the cars I want to bid on?

    After login, choose one of the auctions you want to go in to. Combine the several available filters for your criteria and place your best bids. In your “My account” section you can choose to receive an e-mail when new auctions start.

    Are there any hidden costs or fees I should think of?

    Athlon does not charge anything for participating in our auctions. It is completely free.

    In some countries (see below) vehicle deregistration’s costs are applicable. Other than that, no extra costs are involved.

                                          National         International 
    Portugal 9595
    Netherlands 250

    Pending the property transfer and receipt of the documents, Athlon requests a guarantee per vehicle that is exported to a non-EU country. The sum is equal to the VAT amount (VAT applicable in the organizing country of the sale). After receiving the legally required documents for a non-EU export transaction, the amount of the guarantee will immediately be reimbursed and you will receive an invoice without VAT.

    What about logistics and payment?

    Before pick up of a car can take place, the buyer that placed the allocated bid must pay it for.

    We do not accept cash money. Only bank or  money transfers are allowed. As soon as we receive the confirmation of payment you will receive the pick up authorization with all the details concerning the exact location and opening hours. The payment of each purchased car is immediately due after you have received the confirmation of allocation. Please make sure to clearly state the reference(s) of the purchased car(s) in your transfer.

    What is a Pick Up Authorization?

    With the Pick Up Authorization document you or your hired transport company can pick up the allocated and paid vehicles. If for any reason the person that will pick up the car(s) does not bring the document you must inform us about the transport company that picks up the vehicles together with the name of the driver.  In addition you have to send your Pick Up Authorization to our storage facility.

    With this we avoid the retrieval of erroneous vehicles and also unnecessary waste of precious time of truck drivers.

    When will I get the required vehicle documents?

    Each organizing country has to meet with the local authorities. Under normal circumstance you will receive the full set of documents required by post. Please contact (see menu Contact) the contact person for each country if you have any questions.

    I have a complaint. What can I do?

    Athlon only accepts complaints within 1 working day after delivery of the car. A complaint about the state of the vehicle not being as shown during the auction must be accompanied by proof. Only claims for cars with the same mileage as published during the auctions are taken into consideration. For heavily damaged (total loss) cars no claims are accepted.

    Why is my account blocked?

    For granting access to other countries than initially chosen during registration please use our on-line form. It is also possible that we have not been able to check the required data for registration or that some documents are still missing. Please contact us under the “Contact” section in the menu.

    What is a CMR document and how do I fill this in?

    A CMR is required for each transport to another EU country (also if the buyer picks-up the vehicles himself). Upon arrival of the vehicles at their destination, a stamped and signed copy of the CMR needs to be returned to the concerned Athlon subsidiary by mail. Upon reception of this document the original vehicle documents together with the invoice will be send to the buyer.

    The CMR Convention (full title Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road) is a United Nations convention that was signed in Geneva on 19 May 1956. It relates to various legal issues concerning transportation of cargo by road. It has been ratified by the majority of European states.  As of 2013, it has been ratified by 55 states.

    Based on the CMR, the International Road Union (IRU) developed a standard CMR waybill. The CMR waybill is prepared in three languages. This aids the waybill in being accepted and recognized throughout Europe. Checked by customs and police, a transport document must be present when the shipment is transported. The document itself is not prescribed. There is a minimum of information required on the CMR.

    This consignment is completed by the sender. The consignment should only be completed with a ballpoint pen, typewriter or computer. The driver who uses the consignment should be familiar with the consignment, and with the waybill, able to inform the recipient about the importance of the various topics on the waybill.

    The CMR consignment consists of the following parts:

    • Red printing for sender
    • Blue printing for receiver
    • Green imprint on carrier
    • Black print on second carrier (if present)

    "CMR" is an abbreviation of the French title of the convention, Convention relative au contrat de transport international de marchandises par route.

    More information can be found here:

    http://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/trans/conventn/cmr_e.pdf and


    What is a COC?

    A COC (Certificate of Conformity) is a declaration of the conformity with the type approval of the EC. The purpose of this document is to ensure the free movement of goods within the European Union, specifically for those goods that are subject to homologation and registration.

    A COC is a producer’s declaration that the vehicle complies with the given approved type. This document contains information about the vehicle and its producer’s identification, type approval number, technical specifications and other data. The content of a COC is defined by EU regulation (Amendment IX, Regulation 92/53). Vehicles without the EU specification (e.g. vehicle manufactured for the U.S. or Japanese market) and older vehicles that have not been given the type approval of the EC yet, do not have an existing COC. Similarly, it is not possible to issue a COC for converted vehicles. A COC is only obtainable for passenger vehicles, motorcycles and tractors.

    What is a “Marge auto”?

    A Marge Auto means that the VAT for this car is not deductible. The bid you place on of these cars are always VAT inclusive and not deductible.